What I Enjoy as a Farmer


What do I enjoy most as a farmer?  There are so many facets of my daily life that bring me true joy and contentment.  It is probably impossible to pinpoint my absolute favorite, but I can easily enumerate multitudes of things that make my heart sing.  Favorites might vary with the seasons, just as my favorite foods and flowers vary with the season, and possibly day to day.  One week a daffodil is my favorite, and the next it is a tulip.  Come summer it is a rose one day and a daisy the next.  I never could decide which color mum was my favorite last fall.

In the spring one of my favorite things are rows of pretty plants lined up ever so neatly, row after row in the greenhouses.  And, these are only a precursor to the expanded joy I feel when I gaze upon the rows of crops planted in the field.  How lovely it is to see 500 foot rows of reds and greens and yellows highlighted against the dark soil.  Of all the rows of plants, which one do I love the most?  Lettuce, I do believe.  One year, due to my love of these fluffy plants that resemble a giant rose blooming up out of the soil when mature, I had my guys (amidst moans and groans) plant them in a checker board pattern of reds and greens.  What a beautiful sight!

The sound of a tractor revving up and roaring its diesel engine as it makes it way out to do its labor is truly music to my ears.  I am not fond of the sounds (or smells) of trucks and cars, but those tractors get my attention.  When farm country awakens from its winter’s snooze, tractors rolling by are one of the signs that winter’s hibernation is indeed over.  Here on the farm I have big tractors and little tractors.  I know the sound of every one of them.  So, I can be tucked away in a greenhouse planting or in my office taking care of office tasks, but I am soothed by the tractor’s symphony.

And then there is the miracle of new life.  In the spring new life is abundant as winter’s cold passes and we are greeted with spring’s warmth.  I revel in trees and bushes budding forth, adorning themselves in spring’s splendor, leaves and flowers galore. I delight in the morning song of all the newly returned song birds.  Many mornings I head outside to listen to the birds greeting the morning with song, watching them dance through the sky in mating games, while others are busy pulling fat earthworms from the earth after a rain.  But, the new life that thrills me most is the life that is determined to break free from a hard little seed once it is given a little water and sunshine.  I will head out to walk the newly planted rows day by day, ever diligent to observe the first little plants popping out of the soil.  Sometimes, I wonder at all the power inherent in a little seed – power great enough to burst forth into life and in many cases produce a huge plant that bears fruit for us to enjoy.

And, I enjoy the sun and the wind and the rain.  How nice it is to have the sun warm my skin following the cold leaden skies of winter.  And, to feel the breeze shooing away the last vestiges of cold so we can greet spring’s warmth.  And, the rain bringing forth life once the sun has begun to warm the earth.  The sun arrives, the temperatures rise, but the earth does not seem to turn green again until it is watered.

How I love all these signs of spring.  Together they make my life a happy place to dwell.  How fortunate I am to be able to outside where I can experience nature’s glory on a day to day basis.  As a farmer, I count my blessings and try to enjoy every little detail as the seasons unfold one by one.

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