Strawberry Mohitos


This is a recipe for my favorite early summer drink.  Jon and I treat ourselves to Strawberry Mohitos just once a year – when the strawberries are

coming in.  It can be made virgin – just eliminate the liquor and add more Club soda.  Please note: these are general guidelines. We do everything

to taste.  I like only a little liquor.  Jon prefers a bit more.  We both like a lot of mint and a hint of sweetness. 


1 pint of strawberries, washed and trimmed

1 lime, quartered (lime juice works also)

¼ c mint, mulled, and sprigs for garnish, if desired

4 oz strawberry liquor

4 oz Bacardi White Rum

Sugar – ¼ c – to taste

Club Soda – to fill blender

Ice Cubes – crushed

Place berries in a blender to puree.  Add one quarter squeezed lime and sugar.  Blend to mix.  Taste and adjust lime and sugar to taste.  Add mulled mint, strawberry liquor and rum.  Taste again and adjust to your  taste.  Blend again.  Add crushed ice and club soda.

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