Napa Cabbage Rolls

This recipe can easily be altered by adding ingredients and herbs to tickle your pallet. ¬†This is Angela’s version.

napa1 Napa Cabbage – wash and separate leaves, holding the outer leaves to use for the wraps

3-4 scallions – washed and finely chopped

3 carrots – peel and cut into julienne strips

1 large celeriac – skin and cut into julienne strips

1 cup grated or thin sliced CoJack cheese (I like white cheddar as an alternate)

8 oz thinly sliced ham

Ranch dressing to taste

Napa 3


Lay out each Napa leaf separately and layer each ingredient on the leaf.

When each leaf has been stuffed, roll up and pin with a toothpick to hold in place.



These Napa rolls are absolutely delicious and make a delightful treat or stand alone for a tasty lunch.

Napa 2









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