I think spring has indeed sprung at last.  Today I noticed so many signs that indicate spring is here.  We farmers watch for certain things to happen on the earth so that we can judge when we want to initiate certain activities.  We combine the signs from Mother Nature with our gut level feelings and hope for the best.  For the first time this morning, I saw a green tree in the distance that had burst forth its first greenery.  Until this point all I have seen is the yellowing and pinking of some branches in the trees. The strawberries are sprouting out green leaves, although they are still hunkered down on the ground trying to stay warm. The rhubarb is a foot tall and the wheat in the field is green and growing, looking much like a park, and in the wind today, actually swaying in waves across the field. The crab apple trees are just starting to burst forth their first leaves as minute tips of green.


We also have the wind and the rain heralding, “spring is here”.  April showers do bring spring May flowers, but I am wanting to plant so I would like it to dry out.  I did notice a neighbor out planting cabbage, so his field must be drier than mine, because there is no way I could plant yet.  My field has standing water in places, although I do think it will drain quickly.  We have onions that are way too big to continue growing in flats, but the field is too wet to plant, so here is our quandary. Let them topple over or pull them and set them in the cooler until we dry out.

Another sign I have seen is the return of the barn swallows.  Now this is one sign I just do not understand.  This is very early for barn swallows, so perhaps they know something I don’t or perhaps they are a little confused.  Spring will arrive without a doubt, and summer will follow.  The natural cycle of earth will occur.  Now, it is time to watch and wait.  When it arrives, beyond a doubt I will be a ready and willing farmer lady.


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