Beet Salad By Kasia Danek

The following is two recipes for beets. One is for cold beets and one is for warm beets. Both recipes start out the same.

Pick beets similar in size so that they cook evenly. Wash, but DO NOT PEEL.
Place in a pot with enough water to cover and boil till tender, but not too mushy. I like to use pressure cooker, but it is not necessary. Let them cool off and peel. Cooking them with the skin retains color.

Cold Salad: aka brain food, when my older daughter was 4 years old I wanted her to eat it, I made up a story how it helps to make good blood which feeds the brain and will make her very smart. At that time she was very eager to learn to read. I made a big container of it and coincidentally her reading took off after the weekend. 5 years later she still calls it brain food and is convinced it makes her smarter, works for me. :-)

Cold beets:


plain yogurt

Cube peeled beets and apples in equal amounts.

Add plain yogurt and salt to taste.

Serve with sandwiches, meats, fish, cold cuts, BBQ.
This is great tasting, good for you, but can’t promise that it will make you smarter. Enjoy

Warm Beets:

peeled beets
yogurt, approximately one cup

Grate beets finely
Warm salt and yogurt on low heat

Add beets and stir, heating on low heat until heated evenly throughout, but do not over cook.

If you will see that beets are overwhelming the yogurt add some more yogurt.
Serve warm.
Baby beets Genesis_Kessler_36283

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